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Rahvaunia smiling looking over the shoulder in a navy sheer mockneck.
Rahvaunia as the nosey neighbor character

My name is RAHVAUNIA


Action 1


Remember to never give up and continue pursuing your dreams. One day you will wake up and your dreams will be your reality. You can pause, take 2 steps back, go on a detour... just NEVER give up!

I am a lover of the craft of acting. It gives me so much joy to dive into a character, make unusual choices, and live in them. Acting is doing and being. With or without an audience. An audience or fan base doesn't make you an actor. The growth in your craft makes you an actor.  Live, breathe, and be an actor. Anywhere, anytime, and any place. Your stage is now.

Collage photos of Rahvaunia acting on set and the stage.


• Acting is Life •

"Man gives you the awards, but God gives you the reward."

Denzel Washington 

  • April 2023 I was honored to win the Best Actress in a Drama Short at the LVBFF.

  • 2018 -2019 I enjoyed playing in Shondaland, working on "For the People" (Shondaland/ABC) 

  • I created, wrote, produced, and performed a one-woman show called "tHis Is Very IMPORTANT" (also known as TIVI) The show opened in Jan 2018, for a 12-show run.

  • I have played a number of fun characters on stage, TV, and in film.  SEE MORE HERE

  • Fall 2018, "tHis Is Very IMPORTANT" was accepted into the Santa Monica BFF (Binge Fringe Festival). Setting a record for the festival, as the first show to sell out within 48hrs.

  • I traveled to South Africa to perform TIVI at the National Arts Festival - Fringe in July 2019. I then went on to perform in NYC on 42nd Street (Off-Broadway) at the United Solo Festival in October 2019.

I am always looking for yummy characters and projects that I can sink my teeth, craft, and being into. Let's work!

Time to CREATE more and create it!   

Working more within my passion, purpose and gifts.

Developing at least 3 of my projects to be produced and shared with the world.

More theatre in NYC.

One of Rahvaunia's theatrical headshots.
Rahvaunia with a smile that is green with envy.

2024 GOALS.

and so it is ...
Amen and  Asé

Leaf Pattern Design_edited.jpg

Dream it • Believe it •  Manifest it •  Live it

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