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Sip Lid & Straw Set for Jars

These jar lids with straws are ideal for drinking from the jar

What I like most

Love these Lids with Straws! Found these a year ago and I ordered 6 right away. They made drinking from my jars an ease.

When I juice batch enough juices to last me a few days, these Ball Lids are clutch for me. It's easy for me to grab a juice and go, by popping on one of these lids and a straw. The lid can also be used without the straw. You can just sip from it like you do your favorite to-go paper coffee cups/mugs.

Whether drinking fresh juice or smoothies in a jar, these lids with straws are a game changer.

Please Note: I store my juices in the fridge using the Ball canning lids that come with the Ball jars. For juices I will consume within the next 12-24hrs, I will use these leakproof Ball Screw On Lids.

Although these sip & straw lids do come in solid colors, I prefer this smokey grey option. That way I can see through the straws, making sure that the straws are as clean as they can be between uses. I can be OCD when it comes to things being properly cleaned. Is it clean or is it CLEAN?! lol

  • 2Pc- plastic easy-sip mason jar lid with straw allows you to enjoy every last drop of your refreshing beverage

  • The straw is wide enough for sipping smoothies and milkshakes

  • The lid can be used with or without the straw

  • Includes 2 regular mouth lids (not wide mouth) and 2 straws

  • Smoke grey color is transparent

Disclosure: I only recommend products I have purchased, use personally, and enjoy. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission on, as an Amazon Associate. With gratitude, thanks.

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