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This Blender DOES it All

Heat, Chop, Grind, Blend, and Emulsify. It really does all this and more!

What I like most

This blender is by far one of my top splurges and it's one of my top three small kitchen appliances.

The amount of money I've saved using this blender has paid for itself 10 times at minimum over the last 4 years. Listen, if you live in LA, smoothies (healthy from a juice bar) are costing you between $15-$20 each. And that's if you don't request any special add-ins. A pint (16oz) of fresh tomato soup cost me $7.99 at the grocery store. I can make 32 oz of soup for a fraction of that, in a matter of minutes.

I'm able to make the things I enjoy eating or drinking, at a fraction of the cost and in very little time. It also has a self-cleaning function. Just add water, and a drop of soap, then press the self-cleaning button. After the quick 60-second cycle ends, you rinse and you're done. (Less Time & Easy Cleaning? SIGN ME UP!) There are those random occasions when you will have to wipe down the rim of the pitcher or lid, but it's fast and easy.

Because of the self-cleaning option the Vitamix A3500 has, I make more smoothies, sauces, soups, oat-milk, nut milks, now more than ever. We all love to use our blender and make things, the cleaning part? Not so much.

I even started making my own frozen desserts. Store-bought frozen "ice" creams have so many GMO and unhealthy ingredients, that a fresh frozen treat you make at home ends up being much more healthier. (Yes, even though it's a dessert.) The smooth healthy frozen treats are awesome any time of the year.

When making your own smoothies, soups, desserts, nut milks, etc... You know what's going into it and can choose the ingredients that fit your lifestyle best. Did I mention soup (heated soup) in this blender can be made in a matter of minutes? (I love me some soups in the fall/winter time. I mean, I eat it throughout the year. lol.)

Yep, it's a SMART BLENDER and you can link it to the app on your phone and enjoy all the preset programed recipes. A plus for you tech savvy folks. I haven't scratched the surface much with this function, but maybe we can dive in together and I'll Vlog about it. =)

  • Program Settings: Five program settings (for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips and Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning) ensure walk-away convenience and consistent results. The A3500 pairs with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App: Unlock the Ascent Series A3500's full potential with 17 programs and 500+ recipes with the iOS + Android app.

  • Touchscreen Controls give the machine a sleek silhouette and are easily wiped clean.

  • You're in Control: Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe

  • Built-In Wireless Connectivity: The motor base is able to read the container size you’ve chosen and automatically adjust program settings and maximum blending times accordingly. Add a range of compatible container sizes, building a customized blending system designed to fit your needs.

  • Programmable Timer: A built-in timer helps avoid over- or under-processing your custom recipes. Set the timer to the length of your blend, and it will turn the machine off automatically.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: A motor base, low-profile 64 oz. container, low-profile classic tamper, Simply Blending Cookbook

Please Note: I have the Graphite Bundle which includes the Food Processor (comes with blade attachments). However, I use the Blender multiple times a week for everything from smoothies to oat-milk and nut milks, frozen desserts, soups, watermelon juice, and sauces. I definitely use it way more than the food processor. You do not have to get the bundle. You can purchase the food processor separately at a later date if you are in need of one.

Full Transparency: When I purchased this blender I paid in multiple payments, it to fit it in my budget. The monthly payments made it doable for me. I was also able to rationalize the amount per month versus what I was spending a month on smoothies, blended coffees, soups, etc. Figure it out for YOU. Are we buying designer shoes or handbags? Then we should be able to fit a "designer" blender in the budget. (No judgment, just say'n)

Your health is wealth. I talk about how I make large purchases for items if it has health benefits on my ABOUT page. I invest in my health, because if I'm around and healthy... I can make a $15 dress or $50 sale price pair of shoes look like I spent so much more.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I have purchased, use personally, and enjoy. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission on, as an Amazon Associate. With gratitude, thanks.

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