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Protected Toes & Feet

The hygienic alternative to bare feet while working out

What I like most

I used to practice yoga and barre 4-5 times a week minimum, total between the two. (I promise I'm getting back to it soon.)

During the heated yoga and having slippery feet, or just too many days of Barre class with the balls of my feet sore. (I also wore them in TRX+Barre class because I didn't want to be barefoot walking where others had sweated.)

My poor little delicate balls of my feet just couldn't take the weight of this load and my OCD wouldn't let me have bare feet on a public floor. LOL.

Anywho... these ToeSox were a ball of my foot saver. I got a variety of different ToeSox and they really do come in handy. They have a variety of styles, colors, and fit.

  • HALF-TOE GRIP SOCKS: The dance-inspired Plie are the ultimate barre socks. The perfectly-positioned leather pad provides superior traction for turns and stops all while cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and Relevés.

  • NATURAL TOE MOVEMENT: The five-toe design allows your toes to move, spread naturally, and breathe easier. With a fitted heel, your sock will stay in place with eliminated bunching and twisting. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre, and dance.

  • NON-SLIP GRIP SOLE: The hygienic alternative to bare feet, these toe socks have a patented non-slip grip sole great for studio activities and secure foot placement. Created with an open-foot design, this yoga sock will feel like it's barely there.

  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The full-toe socks are a great alternative to bare feet so you can keep your feet clean, healthy, and hygienic. Made with 58% Organic Cotton, 25% Leather, 14% Polyester, and 3% Other Fiber, they keep your feet comfortable throughout any exercise.

  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Available in a range of color combos and unisex sizing. Made with soft, organic cotton, the toe socks are machine washable. Wash inside out in gentle cycle. Line dry or low heat in dryer. Do not bleach or iron.

Check out the other cool styles and colors they have to offer HERE.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I have purchased, use personally, and enjoy. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission on, as an Amazon Associate. With gratitude, thanks.

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