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The COFFEE ENEMA Kit Rahvaunia Uses

Organic Coffee Enema Start Kit

What I like most

I'll keep this "what I love about the product" short here because I've added some comments below to the bullet points to give my personal feedback.

Here I will give you 100% honest transparency.

I've been using the Corvital Health enema coffee for many years and it is my favorite enema coffee.

I have been using their bucket for about a year now. (My trusty old bucket finally gave out. I got it at a health convention such a long time ago, I don't even know the company. It was a small herbal business.)

I do have some cons about the bucket and I'll address them below. However, the PROS far outweighs the two cons, in my opinion.


Flow Clasp: I didn't like that the flow clasp doesn't really work for the hose. It's not strong enough to stop the flow. This was a common complaint by other customers. My fix was to just use my flow clamp from that old red hot water bottle/enema/douche bag that was just sitting unused under my sink. I first used a heavy-duty office binder clip which worked fine as well. I will find a way to make something work better or be more efficient.

Air Bubbles: The see-through tube is a plus, however, you're now able to see the air bubbles and we don't want air bubbles. It gives you bloating and gas. This was a common complaint about others. My fix for this was to follow the recommended Gerson instructions of placing the bucket on the same level as my body and turning the spigot towards me. This forces the bubble to retreat back up the tube into the bucket.

Those small fixes on my end improved the small shortcomings of the hose and resulted in a product I can honestly say that I use without issue now. It would be great if Corvital Health would address the "clasp issue" internally because the 2nd con can be fixed by the user making an adjustment in how they use the product.

  • Cor-Vital's enema coffee is certified organic, made from specialty-grade coffee beans that are picked by independent farmers. (I love a company that supports independent farmers. I support those who do their best to support small businesses and farms.)

  • 100% clean with no fungus or mold, making it the safest and cleanest choice. (If your coffee isn't clean, you're just putting mold and fungus into your body cavity sending it directly to your bloodstream and organs. Be careful in picking an enema coffee. Do not use regular drinking coffee.)

  • The enema bucket is BPA-free, odorless, stain-resistant, and never rusts. (Unfortunately, many of the current "stainless steel" buckets are not made from a high-quality grade and are rusting quickly. Rust isn't safe, especially when entering your body cavity. )

  • Soft vinyl enema tube that is also see-through so you can check if the liquid is flowing properly. (Being able to see if there are air bubbles and make the needed adjustments is a nice plus.)

  • Recommended by Gerson to ensure the optimal level of caffeine and palmitic acid is preserved, providing the best results for coffee enemas. ( I would google Gerson's technique and use what I could find online. Finally, I decided to order and read Gerson's book in 2015 [Highly recommend it. Especially if you have been diagnosed.] when I had a number of people close to me were diagnosed with cancer. It was then that I realized that our processed food and environment were the cause and I needed to do what I could to keep myself as healthy as I could. I started incorporating more health protocols other than detoxes and cleanses in the traditional sense. {ie: juicing, herbal, detox meals, etc.} Gerson recommended this company for coffee enemas.)

All in all, this is the enema coffee and bucket that I use, have been using, and will continue to use. Have you tried a coffee enema before? If not you should try it out. The process is not as bad as your mind can imagine it is. Let's chat.

Stay tuned for a blog post and videos on how I use this kit and my experience of incorporating coffee enemas into my health protocols.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I have purchased, use personally, and enjoy. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains an affiliate link provided by the brand, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission on. With gratitude, thanks.

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