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Afraid to start or lead? Don't be...

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

"There's a cost to not showing up fully as a leader. It's living with fear daily. And not the kind of fear that comes from the thrill of testing your abilities, but rather the gnawing dread of knowing you're not living up to your potential." Eleanor Roosevelt

This blog post may appear as a very simple step. This is "me" conquering my fear and finally making this website public. Taking my first step. All I had to do was click on that trusty blue "publish" button. (Insert my Taurus self attempting to talk me out of it. Telling myself it's not "good enough" it needs to be amazing.") The site revamp and blog isn't complete and publishing it gives me those uneasy butterflies. Nonetheless, this is a way for me to take that first step and hold myself accountable. I am a busy being, and I will always have something that needs to be done. I do love that moment we call "the perfect time". However, Life Be Life'n and the perfect time is when you do it. It's not a destination, it's an action. Whatever it is that you're waiting to do, take the first step. Get out of your own way!

Like a baby, that first step isn't easy. You wobble to stand, lift that leg, eyes growing wide... (Oh wait, what is going on here? What is that dangling in front of me? My favorite toy? My dream? My passion? My purpose?) then your foot lands. Boom! Excitement consumes you. Maybe you wiggle so much from excitement that you fall down on your diaper-padded bottom. (the diaper is replaced with a regular bottom, yet the diaper works better here, lol) Then you smile and you get right back up and try again. Now that you know that you've survived that first step, you don't hesitate to take another; today, tomorrow, next week. You are on your way to walking in that dream, desire, or purpose. Easy step? Maybe not, but one that is needed.

I needed to do it, my soul needs it, my heart needs it and my life is waiting for it. I am leading the way, one step at a time. I extend my hand with love and support. Please join me. You got this! Walk. Run. Lead the way. Have you given the fear of failure control over your life? Let's find ways to work through that. Failure is only a word, one we give too much power to. Change the power and the way you think of it. There is no failure, just lessons. The only true failure is not trying. If you haven't failed, you aren't trying hard enough. Now that we can change our perspective. Are you afraid to start or lead? Don't be.

What are you afraid to lead, start, or even consider? Let's discuss.

Move in love. #beoflove xo Rah

Rahvaunia in a BET Awards Army Jacket
Rahvaunia... Don't be afraid

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Love love this blog and love this encouraging word!

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